Doctors To You

Innovative DC Company Sends Doctors to Your Door

House-call medicine is on the rise — but not all companies are created equal.

Washington, DC — February 2, 2015 — More and more, Uber-like health care providers are popping up around the country: companies that send a doctor straight to your door, eliminating the need to travel and sit in a waiting room. But not all of these companies are the same. And Doctors To You prides itself on being far more than just Uber for health care, as the concept has recently been dubbed.

“Although Uber works well for getting a lift, good medical care is not that straightforward,” says Dr. Ernest Brown, founder of Doctors To You. “As an independent doctor, I know far too well how businesses have a stranglehold on health care. And although they promise to revolutionize health care, the health outcomes of patients have been poor while doctors continue to be disenfranchised.”

While the idea of doctors visiting their patients in their homes is by no means a new one, house-call medicine became less and less common in the late 20th century. It still remains an uncommon practice, with only 13 percent of family doctors making regular house calls in 2013, and only 3 percent making more than two a week, according to a survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

And while the concept has slowly been gaining traction, not all house-call health care providers are created equal, Brown says. While some house-call doctors boast the lower cost of house-call medicine compared with visits to a clinic, Brown says there should be more to health care than a price tag.

“With the heavy investment in health care now, businesses are pushing harder and harder for any opportunity to profit off the health of patients and the professionalism of doctors,” he says. “Providing medical care should not be a commodity.”

When it comes to Uber-like health care, not all providers are trained in making house calls — and there is a difference between seeing a patient in an office and seeing a patient in his or her home. And many products house-call physicians offer to their patients may not support long-term doctor-patient relationships. Instead, monetary interests may take precedence over patient care.

“House-call medicine is about fostering a relationship between doctor and patient, and developing a certain level of trust by putting the patient first,” Brown says. “When the patient isn’t a doctor’s priority, the quality of care is compromised. And that goes against the whole concept of house-call medicine.”

Doctors To You offers house-call health care services to all with a simple phone call or request through the company’s online app, delivering the same high level of care regardless of socioeconomic status. Patients can expect a response from a doctor with 30 seconds of their request. Aside from the simple convenience of house-call medicine with Doctors To You, the goal of the health care provider is to establish continuous relationships with patients and give them more one-on-one time with a physician — and less time in a waiting room.

About Doctors To You

The team at Doctors To You began offering house-call medicine services to the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas in 2015. But Dr. Ernest Brown, founder, has been practicing house-call medicine for nearly 10 years. The medical practice aims to simplify the process of seeing a physician while making each patient a priority. Dr. Brown and his team also donate their time for charity — the independent startup has so far raised $40,000 for charity house calls.

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