House Call Doctor Serving Washington D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia

What is a house call doctor?

House Call DoctorFrom the earliest days of practicing medicine, doctors visited patients in the privacy of their homes. That’s just the way it was–the town doctor, equipped with a black bag of medical equipment, would diagnose and then treat everything just shy of major surgery.

Times have changed.

The tradition of doctors making house calls has almost faded into memory. Patients who once had a physician’s direct line of contact have to wait in reception areas for their turn to be seen by a doctor at group medical practices who doesn’t treat patients outside his or her office building. The wait is often longer than the amount of time the doctor spends with them.

The team at Doctors to You is working to reverse that trend.

Why house call medicine?

People turn to Doctors to You when they’re looking for quality, in-home care that’s:

  • Simple. Request a doctor through our app or with a quick phone call.
  • Convenient. We have doctors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more waiting rooms.
  • Private. Talk one-on-one with a doctor without leaving your house.
  • Cost-effective. You pay for the care you receive. Our prices aren’t artificially inflated by insurance companies.

Doctors to You provides on-demand medical care designed with you in mind.

We believe medical care is best when doctors are able to build relationships with their patients. Getting to know our patients helps us provide the best care and treatment.

Each of our patients come from different walks of life–from parents and caregivers to working professionals and business owners, from tourists to visiting dignitaries.

I’m caring for someone who’s homebound.

Caring for a loved one who is homebound due to illness, disability or old age is hard work. And sometimes caregivers, even home-care nurses, need additional support. When it comes to their care, often taking a homebound patient to a doctor’s office or hospital isn’t necessarily feasible. A house call doctor can provide the care they need right at home.

 I’m a busy professional.

Busy Washingtonians know that taking care of your health is important, but so is your career. Maybe you can’t afford to miss a day of work sitting unproductively in a waiting room. You need a house call doctor who can work with your schedule and come to you at the office or wherever work takes you.

I’m visiting the Washington, D.C. area.

Sustaining an injury or falling ill while traveling is the worst. All your plans are put on hold while you try to find suitable medical care in an unfamiliar place. A traveling doctor can bring top-notch, personalized service to your hotel or accommodations, giving you one less thing to worry about.

I’m a parent.

Raising a family has its own set of challenges, not the least of which is tending to the health of yourself and your children. Everyone knows that when one person in the family gets sick, the rest are usually not far behind.

Maybe you have multiple children to care for and just one is sick. Or maybe the kids are fine, but you’re under the weather. Or worst case scenario, everyone is unwell and needs medical attention.

In all of these situations, pulling yourself together to get to a doctor’s office is such a hassle. Instead, take it easy by getting a doctor to do the traveling. Then you can focus on resting and caring for your loved ones while a house call doctor provides medical care at home to your family.

I’m a local business.

House call doctors don’t just do house calls. We have the freedom to travel to wherever we are needed, whenever we are needed. Businesses in the D.C. metro area often require a traveling doctor in case of an emergency.

Sometimes, there are security and/or privacy concerns. Other times, the person in need of medical attention is a politician, diplomat or celebrity, which may create obstacles for traditional medical care. A concierge, house-call doctor can come on site to treat the patient without the hassle of transporting them to a medical facility, while also providing discretion.

For more information about becoming a new patient, receiving an emergency visit or partnering with Doctors to You, contact us at info [at], or call (202) 545-3300.