Keeping your skin healthy

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Your skin reveals a lot about your overall health and can serve as a clear reflection of what’s going inside your body. Every year, the American Academy of Dermatologists uses the month of November to bring about awareness for skin health to help you understand how to prevent and treat the most common skin problems.  Skin is often overlooked when … Read More

Bullying: the mental health effects

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With house calls, we’re generally called to address your physical ailments, but sometimes emotional and psychological issues can accompany these concerns. Take bullying, for example. We know that this is an unusual topic for a concierge medical service talk about but it’s become such an increasing issue that we wanted to at least start the conversation here. We typically think … Read More

Aging with grace – Millennials (pt 2)

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It’s quite easy to forget that the oldest millennials were born 38 years ago! So millennials aren’t those kids you keep telling to keep of your lawn anymore; many are knocking on middle age right now. So as we explore the benefits of aging and how you can do so healthily, as providers of concierge medical services, we cannot overlook … Read More