DTY Talks with Janora Ware about beating MS

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We explored multiple sclerosis (MS) recently and wanted to get a more detailed perspective on this debilitating and incurable disease.

This is episode number 10 of DTY Talks, we’re speaking with Janora Ware, an artist, wellness advocate and mother of 4 battling multiple sclerosis, a rare incurable disease that affects the central nervous system. She speaks to us about what exactly this disease is, who it affects, her unique methods for battling it, and what we can do to help those suffering find a cure.

Jae talks about using herbs and her own DIY cocktails from the late Dr. Sebi, getting treatment at the Optimum health institute, and the things she’s doing–her vlog, Chasing Purple (with its GoFundMe page, and her upcoming documentary, Body Snatcher–to raise awareness about MS.

Connect with Jae online at:

Instagram: @J_Kharma

Twitter: @jw5kharma

Facebook: @j.ware.73

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system. In otherwise healthy bodies, the brain and the spinal cord communicate seamlessly through nerves.

With multiple sclerosis, that communication is disrupted when the immune system mistakes this function as something harmful to the body and begins fighting it. It eats away at the fatty, protective covering (myelin sheath) of the nerves, and with the nerves now damaged, this causes the natural impulses from the brain to the spine to be interrupted.

This communication is vitally important in every aspect of body movement, whether conscious or unconscious, and function.

Diagnosing MS is not usually immediate, given that the symptoms are variable and could be related to a number of other issues; therefore, MS diagnosis is usually the result of eliminating of other things.

March is Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness month and Walk MS events take place all over the country throughout spring. These events are aimed at bringing awareness to the potentially debilitating disease that doesn’t have a cure yet.

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